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Domains: Create a New Subdomain

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A subdomain is a subsection of your website that can exist as a new website without a new domain name. Use them to create memorable URLs for different content areas of your site. For example, you can create a subdomain for your blog that is accessible through and


How to create a Subdomain in cPanel


This tutorial assumes you’ve already logged into cPanel


1) Locate ‘DOMAINS’ section and click the Subdomains icon


cPanel > Domains > Subdomains
cPanel > Domains > Subdomains



2)  Enter the name of the subdomain you wish to create. Then select the domain name under which you wish to create it. Finally, choose a subdirectory for it in your account’s home directory (above public_html). This subdirectory stores subdomain’s files.


cPanel > Subdomains > Create a Subdomain
cPanel > Subdomains > Create a Subdomain


By default cPanel automatically fills in the details for the document root. You can either leave them as default or modify the information. 


3) The last step is to click Create button.  The subdomain will be created.


From cPanel > Subdomains area you can see the list of subdomains under your main account and you can manage or delete these subdomains anytime is needed.


That’s it! You now know how to create subdomains in cPanel.

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