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How to Disable ModSecurity in cPanel

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In this article, we will show how you can disable ModSecurity in cPanel. ModSecurity is an important apache module that protects your websites from multiple possible security threats, and, thus, it is enabled by default on all the accounts hosted with us.

However, in the course of development work you may encounter a situation, like a false mod_security rule triggered, situation in which you must temporary disable ModSecurity.

How to Disable ModSecurity in cPanel

  1. Log into cPanel
  2. Scroll down to Security and choose ModSecurity
Disable ModSecurity
cPanel > Security > ModSecurity

3. Choose the domain you are doing development with and and change its status to OFF.

Configure ModSecurity

That’s it, you know now how to disable ModSecurity in cPanel.

We highly recommend you to turn ModSecurity back to ON once your development work is complete, in order to maintain the security and safety of your websites through our custom ModSecurity rules.

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