How to login to cPanel or WHM

Last modified: November 21, 2018
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In this tutorial, we will explore the most common ways to login to cPanel or WHM, as well as troubleshoot information if you experience errors.

Please note that WHM access is only available for our Reseller and Cloud VPS plans,  all other plans come only with cPanel access.

How to login to cPanel/WHM from your Lab

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Step 1

Go to and login into your account.

Step 2

While you are in your Lab Dashboard, click on either the ‘cPanel or ‘WHM’ buttons located on the right side, and you’ll be automatically be logged in without needing a username and password.

How to login to cPanel/WHM using your Domain Name

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If you are an existing ChemiCloud customer and have your domain DNS pointing to our servers, you can access the cPanel via your domain name.

Replace with your real domain name.

Step 1

Navigate to the following location in your browser: for cPanel or for WHM

Your login screen should look like this:

cPanel Login
cPanel Login

Step 2

Enter your cPanel username in the Username text box. Then enter your password in the Password text box.

Step 3

Click Log in.

How to login to cPanel/WHM using your Server’s IP address

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If you do not yet have your domain DNS pointing to our servers, you can still access the cPanel or WHM  using the IP address that was provided in your welcome email.

  • http://YOUR.SERVER.IP/cpanel
  • http://YOUR.SERVER.IP/whm

In the event that you are unable to locate your server IP, and do not have access to the welcome letter that was sent to you upon signup.

If you are still unable to locate your IP address, please contact our chat team to have that information provided to you.

Once navigated to the cPanel page, you should now be able to log in!

Troubleshooting cPanel/WHM access issues

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  • Your login user or password doesn’t work.

Solution: contact our Support team to reset your cPanel account password.

  • I get a 404 error or blank page when I type:

This may happen if you just changed your DNS Name Servers, wait a few hours until your domain fully propagates across the world.

You can also try to login using the server IP, as you see below:


  • The Login Page Fails to Load

There are two possible causes for this:

  • Your local office or network administrator may be blocking port 2082 or 2083: You will need to troubleshoot your network connection to allow the use of this port, or point your domain to our server and connect using, which works over port 80.
  • You may be being blocked by our firewall: This generally occurs when a number of failed login attempts occur in a row. If you were accessing the panel and are no longer able to do, this is the likely reason.
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